Marine Engineer

Minimum BS in Naval Architecture or Marine Engineer from an accredited institution, PE license preferred, with 5-7 years relevant experience working in marine vessel design and analysis. Work on new and evolving vessel design and integration challenges by applying naval architecture principles, techniques, calculations, procedures and criteria. Cover full range of vessel design phases from conceptual design through detail design and post-delivery support. Support the following areas of design-Hydrostatics (weight estimates, intact/stability assessments), Hydrodynamics (hull design, resistance predictions, seakeeping assessments), overall vessel design integration.   

Systems Engineer

Minimum BS Electrical Engineering or equivalent from an accredited institution with 5-7 years of related aerospace systems engineering expertise working with all engineering disciplines to develop system requirements and architectures and establish systems capabilities and operational concepts. Includes system architecture design, trade studies, specification development, requirement definition and allocation, performance analysis and simulation, system modeling and simulation tool development and support to hardware design, manufacturing and integration and test. Experience in CONOPS, or model based system engineering, experience in DOORS.

Senior Aerodynamicist Engineer

Minimum BS Aeronautical Engineering or equivalent from an accredited institution with 7-10 years experience working within an aerospace/defense multi-disciplinary environment working on aerodynamics, power and thermal management systems, mass properties and other support vehicle performance and design modeling initiatives. Broad experience working with (CFD) Computational Fluid Dynamics, analysis in aerodynamics, mathematics, static load methods, and aircraft sizing & performance. Experience supporting wind tunnel tests and flight tests, performing validated CFD simulations to characterize both internal and external flows and experience developing aerodynamic-models for basic stability and control effectiveness.

Test Engineer

Minimum BS Aerospace Engineering or equivalent from an accredited institution with 5-7 years of related experience designing, developing and implementing test methods and equipment. Write test cases and test plans for complex software and hardware systems. Compile data and define changes required in test equipment, procedures and requirements. Test planning, execution, reporting and integration support. Experience with DevOps/DevSecOps tools and processes.