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The Flying Ship Company is looking for champions to create an entirely new type of vessel that will revolutionize the global logistics market.  

Industry Rock Star

Are you a global disruptor? Do you want to bring your world-class talent to change the logistic market with aero-marine hybrid technology? Tell us more. 

Government Sales 

Are you a hungry, self-motivated business development professional? Do you have a track record of successfully capturing government and military contracts? Tell us more.

Marketing & Communications 

Can you manage all aspects of public relations for a small company that is at the forefront of marine and aviation technology? Tell us more. 


Do you want to bring a revolutionary vehicle to life? We are seeking the best and brightest engineers to commercialize Flying Ships. We are looking for driven, passionate engineers that specialize in structures, aerodynamics/CFD/wind tunnel, avionics, electrical, hydraulic, actuation systems, navigation, flying control, software, flight science, power, software, and maritime operations. Tell us more. 

Test Pilot Flight Engineer

Are you an ace UAS operator with prior experience with both aerial and maritime drones? Tell us more. 


Are you a whiz with legal documents? Tell us more. 

Government Affairs 

Are you a government affairs change agent? Are you a legislative and regulatory dominant force? Do you know the ins and outs of federal, state and local politics? Tell us more. 

Program Manager 

Are you an all-star PM that can manage the full product development life cycle for a revolutionary new vehicle? Tell us more.

Administrative Assistant 

Are you a highly-motivated, extremely-organized, multi-tasking professional that can suport the administrative duties of the corporation? Did you notice the typo in this description? Tell us more.  


Are you an up-and-coming talent that wants to help create a revolutionary vehicle? Tell us more.